Hello! My name is Ronald Luc and I live in Brno and now for some time in Vienna. By day I study Mathematical Informatics at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University and work as a Software Developer with a focus on implementing Machine Learning solutions.

On my spare time I help with organization of several educative projects for high schoolers, because I believe action-packed and competitive teaching. I enjoy reading scientific papers, especially about Data Science and Machine Learning – that’s also the reason I’ve created this blog. As a teacher I know you learn the most when trying the explain the curriculum.

I like to think about DNNs as a data-transformation tool.

I myself have developed and deployed two NLP projects (faceup.com, ulekare.cz). I worked for over 2 years on 3 ML projects in Artin (computer vision, sound processing). I love to read NN papers, think about them as data transformations and create diagrams of their architectures.

Download my Curriculum vitae


Sclable Business Solutions GmbH – Machine Learning Research Engineer

March 2019 – Present

  • Similarity engine — High-dim space, small training dataset
    • Scikit learn, pandas, numpy, REST, Python

ARTIN, spol. s r. o.; Brno, Czechia – Software Developer

October 2016 – Present

  • AI powered Assistant — Lead developer | link
    • Tensorflow, dlib, OpenCV, STT, TTS, Python
  • Speech processing — Classification of children’s pronunciation
    • Keras, pandas, numpy, speechpy, Python
  • Database system — Database processing pipeline
    • Django, PostgreSQL, REST, Python
  • TesaBot — Evaluation of text transcription models | link
    • OpenCV, C++, Python
  • Roboauto — Internship on the first Czech autonomous car
    • ROS, I2C, C++

Luzanky, hobby center; Brno, Czechia – IT Teacher

Sep 2013 – Aug 2018

  • Teaching basics of programming to children 9–15 years old
  • 3 courses every week: C++, GameMaker, Karel